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Qualification rate of over 99%

320,000 units monthly | Qualification rate of over 99% | Samples in 3 days

Monthly Turnout Reaching over 300,000 Pieces
USBFLASHDRIVESHOP Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(Shenzhen,CHINA) is one of the leading producers of USB flash drives and consumer electronics. Founded in 2013, we now have 300 workers at our factory in Shenzhen, China and produce more than 300,000 units every month.
Your Special Requirements are Welcome
With our talented engineers, we can customize your USB flash drive and consumer electronics with your logo by silkscreen, engraving, oxidation, resin doming or offset printing. Customized shapes are also welcome.
We can provide added value to your USB drive and consumer electronics, including preload your files, set the file auto-run function, create customized icon, lock files, partition of drives and provide password protection software. In addition, we offer accessories such as keychain, lanyard and a wide variety of packaging options for you to choose from.
Meeting CE, FCC and RoHS Standards
All our items are CE-, FCC- and RoHS-marked. Get your sourcing started with us. Send us your OEM/ODM requirements today.
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